Ritsch – Ratsch – Klick

Stefan Lechthaler
Photographer, Filmer
and Content Creator

Born, raised and working in Frankfurt/Main, guess i´m a real Frankfurter
But i like traveling and work internationally
Specialized in Portraits, Sport, Corporate and Documentary Photography
Passionated in Art and great Photography is mandatory, but along with this i bring, 25 years of experience, organizing and project skills, well planned shootings, reliable logistics, punctuality. Fun and a good laugh on the set also helps.
Being a Ju-Jutsu Blackbelt 4th Dan, surfing and skateboarding my whole life i guess i have a good sense for sport and discipline.
Loving to be along people helps when it comes to Portraits and Corporate shootings.
Having an eye for situations makes me a good Documentary Photographer.
I´m also experienced in filming Videos

Check it out yourself and send me a message or give me a call.

Here are some Video examples of how i work